Marie Antoinette / Good Company Theatre / Ogden, UT

Lighting Design (William Peterson) is handled effectively throughout the performance as a gentle emphasis on Marie’s struggle to understand the world which has spun out of her control. Her bouts with despair, depression, and perception are enhanced and, in turn, we are influenced in our understanding of her plight by the hue and shading we absorb. That can be difficult to accomplish in an intimate setting.  -- Front Row Reviewers

9 circles - weber state university - ogden, ut

"...the way Director Tracy Callahan staged the ending, along with William Peterson’s lighting (with Arabic text written in red), and Jess Greenberg’s sound, I was left with permanent and powerful images in my mind." - Utah Theatre Bloggers

She Loves Me - Weber State University - Ogden, UT

"In one scene, the shop fades to black, inside and out, but the tall doors on both sides of the stage stay dimly lit, casting an oval of light in front of each one; the effect was idyllic, thanks to William Peterson’s lighting design" UTAH THEATRE BLOGGERS

Damn Yankees - Weber state university - ogden, ut

"Lighting designer WIlliam Peterson provided the right amount of Hollywood ambiance while still giving theatrical oomph..." Utah Theatre Bloggers